Of the brother was "puller" beat the left eye rupture or will be blind (Figure)

May face the risk of left eye blindness
On the morning of March 4, Jiefang Road, Longhai Hotel, a wounding incident occurred, a brother in the hotel outside the soliciting was beaten lead to nasal bone fracture, left eye injury, may face left eye blindness Danger. Master Li 48 years old, March 4 morning 7 am driving to the Longhai Hotel entrance, see a baggage with passengers, they take the initiative to say hello, the passengers said to go to the airport. Master Lee said, when the passengers ready to get on the train, suddenly came over two men and a woman hands to hit him, when his head and eyes were hit several times, was was Mongolia. Master Li alarm, passing by the peer to the hospital, was diagnosed with left eye rupture, nasal bone fracture. Yesterday, China Daily News reporter in the fourth hospital in Xi'an to see the master Li, his left eye high swollen. The doctor said, Master Li has done a surgery, if the recovery is not ideal may be blind. Master Li said that because the Longhai Hotel is the airport bus stop, long-term people in that for some of the taxi interception to the airport guests, from the commission of profit, wounded him may be these people. China Business News reporter learned that the liberation of the police station is investigating the matter.

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